Ready to Stop Triggers in Their Tracks?

We imagine a world where you're able to shift from overwhelm to confidence and from frustrated to peaceful whenever you choose. 
Where in your life would a little more calmness, confidence, presence, and passion make a difference?

Did you know that even thinking about being triggered can send your body into fight or flight?

Do you ever feel as if everything is pushing your buttons?

Would you like to be immune to the bad moods of others?

If you said “Yes” to the above, you might be ready for more emotional resilience.

Emotional resilience:
the ability to know that you will bounce and never break . . .
the ability to stay calm, cool, and collected, even in the midst of drama . . . the ability to stay focused, productive, and enthusiastic, even when facing challenges . . .

By the end of this 3-hour workshop you will have:
1. an emotional pause button so that you’re not hijacked by your emotions ever again.
2. direct access to your positive emotional power source so that you can focus and finish projects easily.
3. the ability to stay emotionally present in conversations, even when there’s conflict.
4. the ability to reconnect with your passion at will. And you'll be able to bounce back no matter what life hands you.

This 3-hour workshop is totally hands-on, totally fun, and totally focused on you and your own positive, powerful states of emotion. 
This workshop is for you if you NEVER want to be triggered again!
This 3-hour workshop is scheduled for
March 31st at 7:00am - 10:00am Eastern Time

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